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Conveyancing & Property Law

The purchase or sale of property is often the most significant financial transaction we make in our lifetime. Therefore, it is important for you to get sound legal advice of the sales process before signing any contract.

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Town Planning, Local Government & Environmental Law

We can provide property developers, local councils, business and individuals with advice and representation in relation to a range of issues


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Wills, Estates & Succession Law

It is important that you leave a valid Will in place which disposes of all your property you are entitled to at the time of your death. If you do not leave a Will, intestacy arises and your estate will be governed by Succession Law.

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Family Law

We appreciate that when a marriage or a de-facto relationship breaks down, it is a distressing and painful life event. Messenger & Messenger will provide you with support and sound guidance through this very difficult time.

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Workers Compensation & Employment Law

If you are injured at work or become sick due to your work, you may be entitled to a workers compensation payment.

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Commercial & Retail Disputes

If your business is owed money under a contract, you have a disagreement with your business partner or you have a dispute over construction or payment claims.

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